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The wedding is the biggest event in any girl’s life because it signals a change of life, living and lifestyle. I’m pretty sure that every girl wants to make that transition event an unforgettable one.

Here at Studio Eleven Weddings, we specialize in helping couples plan and prepare for the big day. Without further ado, here are 10 tips to help you make your wedding a memorable one.

Tip 1. Create two (or more) guest lists. List A will contain those you must invite, such as close relatives. List B names those you wish to invite in order of preference: friends, officemates, colleagues, etc. Send the A invitations early so if any cannot come, you can invite those in the B list without making them feel as last-minute invitees.

Tip 2. Use your friends. One may be an amateur photographer you can use as backup or even main photographer to save on fees. Perhaps another is the office event organizer whom you can tap to help you plan. They will be thrilled to assist and be important parts of your ‘big day’, while you lessen expenses.

Tip 3. Select and test your makeup before the wedding. Use long-lasting, waterproof and —if necessary—more expensive makeup materials and lipstick to give you luscious lips and dreamy eyes in the pictures, as you go through all the all-day congratulatory bussing, hugging and crying.

Tip 4. Use your shoes several times before the day. You do not want blistered heels and an awkward walk up the aisle caused by untrained shoes, nor sore feet during the reception and dancing afterwards.

Tip 5. Ask someone to be a backup assistant who will attend to minor glitches in the event. Torn dresses, missing participants, misplaced items and incorrect guest places are just some hitches that often occur in weddings. Someone should see to them unobtrusively as the event progresses.

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Tip 6. Create one or several checklists for each part of the event. Doing so will prevent you from overlooking the little things that are needed and help you avoid scrambling for them later. A detailed checklist will help in the planning and control of the wedding activities.

Tip 7. Have all agreements in writing, such as with the caterer or restaurant, transportation, photographer and the like. It can save you headaches afterwards.

Tip 8. Do it yourself. You can design and print your invitations yourself with the computer, for instance, and depart from the generic styles and forms. You’ll have fun doing so and still get what you want.

Tip 9. Canvass suppliers to get the least expensive service or items. Go online if you will to comparison shop. You might find many items cheaper or better when bought from other places than in your city.

Tip 10. Enjoy the day. Do not let minor errors deter you from enjoying your wedding day, nor overburden yourself about the details of the event. It is your day, so go with it. Those minor mishaps might even make the day very memorable for everyone concerned.

There is no such thing as a wedding without glitches. Always there is something missed, an element is lacking, the reception is not as expected, the minister drawled too long…those things. But if you did your planning meticulously, delegated jobs and responsibilities correctly, and believed all will go as expected and did, less little errors here and there, enjoyed your moment to shine and your guests were not dissatisfied on anything, then you have the perfect wedding day.

And most probably the night as well.