Tips on Decorating the Wedding Getaway Car

wedding car

Groomsmen, unite! You’ve had a glorious bachelor party (the events of which will never be divulged). You got the groom to the altar on time and in good condition (relatively sober, anyway). You even remembered the rings. And the best man’s toast went off without a hitch (thanks to sensible and tactful editing by his girlfriend).

But now that the successes of the bachelor party, the wedding, and the reception are in the can, you realize you’ve forgotten one important detail: the getaway car! With nary a window marker or beer can in sight, you start to panic as you realize that you just don’t have time to get to the store and back before the happy couple rides off into the sunset.

If you don’t want to find yourself facing this scenario, simply plan ahead, and get all the groomsmen on board to create a traveling fiesta with the wedding getaway car. Here are a few tips to help you out.

First, you need to decide when you want to do it. If you will be at the church for a while before the ceremony, you may want to get it out of the way early. There are a couple of benefits to planning it out this way. For one thing, you’ll be able to take it easy during the reception.

For another thing, the bride and groom will get to enjoy a whole caravan of honking cars as they drive to the reception with the entire congregation in tow. This can provide for a lot of fun and a really special memory for the newlyweds. Of course, you might not have time. In this case, simply find a few moments to slip out between the first dance and the best man’s speech (you don’t want to miss the latter!) so that the car is ready to go before the happy couple is.

Now that you’ve got the timing down, you need to figure out what you’re going to do. If the couple in question is fairly traditional and conservative, you should take that into consideration when decking out their vehicle. Window markers are a great way to write messages all over the car without the fear of damaging the paint job, but if you want a classic look, try your hand at creating a “Just Married” placard to affix to the trunk.

If none of the groomsmen are particularly crafty, see if the bridesmaids will help beforehand. Then attach a few tin cans on strings and you’re set. You could even jazz it up a little with streamers and rosettes that mirror the wedding colors the couple have chosen, although you should attach them with scotch tape to avoid damage.

On the other hand, your newly married friends could be anything but traditional. In this case, the sky is the limit on decorations (as long as they’re more or less legal – you don’t want the newlyweds facing a traffic ticket as they take off for their honeymoon).

And don’t be afraid to have some fun on the interior of the car, as well, with balloons, streamers, flower petals, and even some chilled champagne if they’re in a chauffeured vehicle. Just keep in mind that this coach is for two, so consider how the bride will feel before you pull out any inside jokes from your frat days.

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