The Diamond Wedding Engagement Ring

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The diamond wedding engagement ring has long been the choice of women. And it is the current fashion for an engagement ring to be a gold, platinum, or silver band with a single diamond. The engagement ring is meant to be expensive to convey a sense of permanence. An investment in marriage.

In some European countries such as Germany, Norway and Denmark, engagement rings are usually plain gold bands without a gem. In others such as France, engagement rings usually mount a colored gem rather than a diamond.

But in America if the woman is traditional then it should be a diamond.

A gold or platinum band is recommended over a silver. Gold and platinum are more classy and have a higher value. They are also more durable and longer lasting.

The first recorded diamond engagement ring was presented by the Archduke Maximillian of Austria to Mary of Burgundy as a betrothal gift in 1477. You can continue this long tradition today!

The diamond wedding engagement ring represents class, tradition, and love.

Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


An emerald cut diamond engagement ring is the same type of cut as a step cut diamond engagement ring only with the corners removed. They are usually rectangular shape. They can be anything from a lean thin rectangle to a wide bulk square.

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Step Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

A step cut diamond engagement ring has four-sided facets (or faces) that are cut beneath the table of the diamond. The table is the flat edge cut at the top of a diamond. The facets of a step cut diamond are parallel to the diamonds girdle.

The girdle is where the top (or the crown) of the diamond and the bottom (or the pavilion) of the diamond meet. There are less facets in this diamond than in a brilliant cut diamond but it can still be a beautiful diamond to behold.

Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

One of the most common “cuts” for a diamond engagement rings is a round cut. There are more than one type of round cut engagement rings.

One type of round cut is called a “Brilliant Cut.” A brilliant cut is best known for having many faces, most commonly triangles.

The most beautiful thing about this type of diamond cut is that all of the faces (also known as facets) are faced outward this greatly enhances the way the light radiates through the diamond and makes it shine most beautifully!